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Stem Cell Biology 432 / 532

When should you use MeSH?

Test your keywords in PubMed, or another database

  1. Review the results list
  2. Are your keywords included in the titles?
  3. If not, you should search MeSH to determine what keyword(s) to use

See the images below to learn how:

1. Select MeSH Database

Select MeSH from the bottom right of the main PubMed search page

2. Enter Keyword or phrase into MeSH Search

3. Review the definition of the term you entered

4. Click the term to find synonyms, related subheadings, or position of the term in the MeSH hierarchy

5. Select terms that you want, then click Add to Search Builder; search additional terms or select Search PubMed 

Run keyword search, select the highlighted terms to learn more about synonyms, and the hierarchy of the term within it's PuMed category