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NUTR 337 Introduction to Nutrition Research Methods

Here you will find research tips and links to resources to help Nutrition & Dietetics students with their research

APA 7 Style Guides

APA 7 Style Guides and Tools


       1. Cite your sources using APA 7

Use the APA 7 Purdue Owl Tutorial. Click the tab on the left-hand side of the screen


      2. Easy to find examples on everything you need to cite


      3. More APA 7 examples for Journal Articles, Books, and Edited Book Chapters


4. Mendeley is an online reference manager that automatically organizes references, creates in-text citations, and bibliographies.  To learn how to create a Mendeley account and about  Mendeley features go to the Mendeley tab of this research guide.


APA Journal Article Citation Example

The journal article citation begins with the authors last name followed by a comma, then their initials followed by a period. Multiple authors are separated using a comma. An ampersand (&) instead of “and” between two authors or between the second to last and last authors. Next, the publication year is enclosed inside parentheses and followed with a period. Next is the article title in sentence style caps including the subtitle followed by a period. The article title is followed by the journal title and is in headline style caps and italics followed by a comma then the journal volume number is in italics followed by the issue number enclosed in parentheses but not in italics, then followed by a comma. Next is the inclusive page range of the article followed by a period. The reference citation ends with the doi number assigned to the article. For in-text parenthetical citations of works by two authors enclose the authors last names separated by an ampersand (&) instead of the word “and” followed by a comma then the publication year inside parentheses. For in-text narrative citations use the author’s last name(s) separated by the word “and” directly followed by the publication year enclosed inside parentheses.


Avoiding Plagiarism