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SLP 696 Research Methods Applied & Basic

The following guide presents a collection of informational resources to support the graduate level research process

Table of Evidence

An Evidence Table aids in pinpointing essential information for crafting your literature review and offers a structured way to organize that information. As you review literature related to your topic, categorize the following elements for each article:

Map the Literature

Purpose, Author, Date The purpose of the research study, the author, and publication date
Design and Key Variables

Methodology used

Key Variables:

  • Independent (controlled or manipulated)
  • Dependent (responding)
Sample and Setting Sampling - Inclusion or exclusion criteria for selecting groups or individuals to the research study, describes the population being investigated, as well as the setting, or location of the research site
Measures The different measures recorded or observed such as survey or interview questions
Results or Findings Finding from the study and interpretation of the findings
Conclusions, Limitations, Applicability to the Project Characteristics of research design or methodology that impact or influence the application, or interpretation of the results