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NUTR Master in Nutritional Science

This guide guide presents a collection of informational resources to support the graduate level research process for NUTR & Dietetics graduate students.

Nutrition and Food Sciences Database Tutorial


Database Thinglink images and video tutorials

The following images and video tutorials highlight basic search strategies for just a few of the highly recommended databases to use for your research.


Nutrition and Food Sciences Database

Hover your cursor over the flashing bluearrows to learn more

Nutrition and Food Science Database Video Tutorial

Web of Science Tutorial


Web of Science

Hover your cursor over the flashing greenarrows to learn more

Web of Science Video Tutorial

ScienceDirect Tutorial

ScienceDirect Tutorial

Navigate the ScienceDirect database with our tutorial, aimed at helping you with the skills to use this database for strategic exploration. Discover how to find relevant articles and utilize its featurs for advanced searching. Hover your cursor over the green arrows below to learn more about searching the ScienceDirect database.

ScienceDirect Video Tutorial