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HSI-STEM:Winter Research Experience & Summer Bridge

Start with These

General databases for science searches:

How to search the databases

  • Select where to search (Choose your database or guide)
  • Break search into keywords
  • Search key terms using AND, OR
  • Truncation *
  • Use limiters (pub. year or type, etc.)


Not getting enough? Getting too many?

Getting not enough or no results? (HOW TO GET MORE)
  1. Check spelling
  2. Check which field it is searching (topic, author, etc.)
  3. Use less key words (get less specific)
  4. Use more "OR's" (common name, synonyms)
  5. Try another database

Getting too many results? (HOW TO GET LESS)

  1. Add more concepts (get more specific)
  2. Use more limiters (years, peer-reviewed only, etc.)