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Course Guides for Communication Studies: Introduction

Course guides for: Comm 131, Comm 200, Comm 301, Comm 306 and more!


This page is for all library instruction sessions for the Communication Studies Department. On each course page you will find links to relevant databases, slide presentations and handouts.


Office Hours

Virtual Office Hours by Chat or Zoom will resume in the Fall semester. If you need to contact me regarding research this summer, please email me. 

CHAT Hours

Wednesday, June 9, 12-2 pm


ZOOM Hours (EMAIL me to request a meeting)




Library Services during the Campus Closure

How To Request


BeachReach is CSULB Library's independent interlibrary loan service. Students and Faculty each have their own BeachReach account where they request and retrieve electronic documents, usually PDFs. Using your Single Sign-On, you can access your BeachReach account.

Placing Requests Through BeachReach

Option #1: Make a request directly from the OneSearch catalogue
If you find an article that you cannot access through our library subscriptions, you can select the link that reads “Request Article from BeachReach (2-5 days)”. Selecting this link will direct you to your BeachReach account and will automatically fill in a large portion of your request. Make sure the information that automatically populates is correct, and then select “Submit request” at the bottom of the page.

Screenshot of online library catalog page with BeachReach link available


The red marks on the above image show the BeachReach request link. They also indicate that this request is possible because the item we want is from 2015, and the library only has issues through 2003. Since we do not have the 2015 issue in the library, we can request it through BeachReach.

Below is a screenshot of what the BeachReach request form looks like:


Screenshot of a BeachReach online request form



Option #2: Make a request directly from your BeachReach account

Can't find an item or citation in the OneSearch catalogue? Don’t worry, there is another way to place a request. Log in to your BeachReach directly: BeachReach Account

Once you have logged in, you will see all of the request options on the left. Notice that the form does not automatically appear here; the center of the webpage is blank. You must choose what you would like to request on the left-side, and the form will appear. 

  • Please keep in mind we CANNOT request books or any other physical material during this time. Please avoid the “book or media” request option.

You can VIEW your requested electronic items under the View menu. Select Electronically Received Articles for journal articles and book chapters.


Screenshot of BeachReach online form


Frequently Asked Questions


What do I capitalize in APA?

To find a list of nouns that should and should not be capitalized, go to this APA style page. Names of theories and social science concepts are not capitalized (e.g. expectancy violation theory, variable, the word hypothesis. Check the manual if this linked page doesn't answer your question. 

Communication Librarian