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Course Guides for Communication Studies: Introduction

Course guides for: Comm 131, Comm 200, Comm 301, Comm 306 and more!


This page is for all library instruction sessions for the Communication Studies Department. On each course page you will find links to relevant databases, slide presentations and handouts.


Office Hours

In Person Office Hours are updated weekly. All In Person Office Hours are on the first floor of the library. NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY. 

Thursday March 21,  4-7pm
Monday, March 25, 2-4pm
Friday, Apr 5, 12-3pm
Sunday April 14, 2-5pm
Tuesday, April 30, 4-7pm

Send me an email to get the zoom link


Frequently Asked Questions


What do I capitalize in APA?

To find a list of nouns that should and should not be capitalized, go to this APA style page. Names of theories and social science concepts are not capitalized (e.g. expectancy violation theory, variable, the word hypothesis. Check the manual if this linked page doesn't answer your question. 


What is the difference between Dependent and Independent Variable?

  • The independent variable is the cause. Its value is independent of other variables in your study.
  • The dependent variable is the effect. Its value depends on changes in the independent variable.


Hypothesis: How does the level of phone use in romantic relationships affect satisfaction?

IV: the amount of Phone Use

DV: Degree of Satisfaction; relationship quality

How to add a hanging indent in Google Docs

How to Cite Your Sources using the Databases

BeachReach Options


BeachReach is used when CSU+ does not have access to the materials you are requesting. As CSU+ has become more robust, with many more book, book chapter and article items, BeachReach is now mainly used for items that are not in OneSearch that are specialty media, such as DVDs, Scripts, Music Sheets, etc. 

Option #1:

You may see a BeachReach request offered in the OneSearch record for the item.

  • This may be in the same area as "Get it from another library" or it could be above in the other options.
  • If you are given CSU+ and BeachReach options for the same item, please choose the CSU+ method.

Option #2:

If OneSearch does not have a record of the item

AND your item is NOT a book, book chapter or article

fill out a blank BeachReach form. The Interlibrary Loan staff will do their best to get the materials for you.

  • In other words: If the item you seek is not in OneSearch, and it is a book, book chapter, or article, please use CSU+.

Active CSULB students, faculty, and staff each have a BeachReach account where you request items. This account is also where you retrieve electronic documents, usually PDFs.

Access your BeachReach account using your Single Signon

Option #1: Use the BeachReach link in the OneSearch catalogue


If you are looking for a Book, Book Chapter or Article, please use the CSU+ link first, as explained above.


If you find an item that does not offer access through CSU+, you can select the link that reads “Request from BeachReach”. Selecting this link will direct you to your BeachReach account (Single Signon will be required) and the process should automatically fill in a large portion of your request.

Screenshot of online library catalog page with BeachReach link available

  • Make sure the information that automatically populates is correct; fill it in if it is not there.
  • The red starred/asterisk " * " areas must be filled in to submit the request, but all information you can input helps the staff find the item for you.
    • One red starred/asterisk " * " area is called "Not wanted after date." Unless you have a specific deadline you'd like the materials by, just put in the date of the end of the year. ILL will let you know if your item is available within a week or less in most circumstances.
  • Once you are done, select “Submit Request” at the bottom of the page.

Option #2: Make a request directly from your BeachReach account


If you are looking for a Book, Book Chapter or Article, please use CSU+, explained above.


Sign into your BeachReach Account. You will see all of the request options on the LEFT.

The screenshot below shows the request options list on the left. I've circled these options in red.

As noted, BeachReach is now used for items not available through CSU+. In BeachReach, to request items such as DVDs, Scripts, and Music Sheets, please select "Book or Media."

Screenshot of BeachReach blank form choices

Using the BeachReach Blank Form

Generally, the more information you provide the better. Double check your requests to make sure the information is correct. Search Google to find information about the item you seek. 

Providing as much information as you have will help ILL to process the request and get the material to you faster.

You can also use the “Note” field on the form to add information about your item, or ask questions. Real people read this form.

Getting Your BeachReach Items

Your Library Account now links to your BeachReach account (See Track & Download above). However, you can still get to your BeachReach Account directly:

Login to your BeachReach Account to access information about your BeachReach requests.

  • Under VIEW, select Electronically Received Articles to find delivery of anything you requested as a PDF.
    • You can look at all of your requests under VIEW, including requests for physical items.

Screenshot of BeachReach view on options on left

Above is a screenshot of the View Items area of your BeachReach Account. The Electronically Received Articles link is on the left. I have pointed a red arrow at the link.