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Sociology Course Guides: Introduction

Find all the research guides for courses in Sociology. Find your course number and check it out!


This is the page for Sociology Courses. Click on the tab for the course you are enrolled in to see specific databases and information that is ideal for your assignments. 

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Office Hours

Virtual Office Hours by Chat or Zoom will resume in the Fall semester. If you need to contact me regarding research this summer, please email me. 

Corona Virus Closure

Greetings Students! While classes are moved online, there are two important things you need to know. 1. The Library and Campus Computer Labs are open if you need to access your course materials. 2. The Library will be open during the online class period of March 12 through April 20. 

I have canceled all the Drop-In Workshops scheduled for the month of March and April. Here are the ways you can get research help and extra credit if you are in a class that gets extra credit by attending the workshops. 

1. I will have my personal Chat (Chat with Tiffini) online as much as possible. This will allow for synchronous conversations. (you will get extra credit for substantive chats)

2. I will be available by email as always. I will give extra credit for substantive email exchanges. If your course is giving extra credit- in your initial email please put your professor's name, the course and course number and your full name in the subject line. This will allow me to add you to the extra credit list. 

Wash your hands. Remember Social Distancing.