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History Course Guides: History 499 (Consumer Capitalism)

Course Guides Used for Library Instruction in History Research
History Research, Library Resources (Fall 2020)
Greg Armento, History Librarian,
Fall Online (E-mail, Chat or Zoom) Office Hours, Mon, 5-6 pm; Tues 9-10 am

Due TO Covid physical campus closure, most if not all in-house and in-person services are curtailed. this History guide will be a work in progress as the situation changes. check for current library online access options.

University Library PAGE Is the place to start. It contains an overview of library research services available.



OneSearch Search Tips

  • If you are looking for a phrase "consumer capitalism" put  your terms in quotation marks. It will force word adjacency in that order.
  • If you want word variants, use an asterisk * at the end of a word. Entering histor* will produce history, histories, historians, historiography, historical, etc.
  • If you want synonyms, put similar terms in parenthesis and use capital OR: Try ("consumer capitalism" OR "consumer behavior")

Book and Journal Loaning Options from other libraries

  • CSU+ To rapidly get books that we don't have, (within 2-4 days) from other CSU libraries. Due to Covid, this service may be unavailable. See Current Library Services.
  • LINK+ is similar to CSU+ but includes more than CSU Libraries. Service may be unavailable for a while
  • BEACH REACH Use to get journal articles we don't own delivered rapidly to your desktop.


These premier scholarly indexes for historical contain articles and books published since the mid 1950s. Both databases may be searched simultaneously. See this 4 minute tutorial on how to search.

OTHER Research Databases

Many of the databases below contain full text, or will link (2 or 3 clicks away) to the article at another site. Look for this Get It @ CSULB  Those listed with RED Beginning-Ending Dates suggest primary content.

Citing Historical Materials

Google tips and techniques

  • For word adjacency, phrases, put your topic in "quotation marks
     It is not needed for single word concepts.
  • The asterisk* (truncation) won't work in GOOGLE.  To get word variants you must use capitalized OR. See below.

To search for synonyms capitalize OR between each word and enclose in parenthesis

  • Example  ("mass marketing" OR "consumer behavior" OR consumerism)

To find sites at types of domains:

  • site:edu (to find sites located at colleges, universities)
  • site:org (to find sites at nonprofit organizations)
  • site:gov (to find government sites, government documents)
  • site:ru (stands for Russia. Use two letter country codes for domains in a country. 
  • Two letter country codes ​​​​​​​
  • Use Google Scholar to find wide array of scholarly journal articles.
  • Use Google Books to find research snippets in scanned books. If the book reads PREVIEW you are in luck! You may be able to read entire chapters.​​​​​​​